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Płyta grzewcza z mieszadlem > Heating Hotplates+Digital Magnetic Stirrer, up to 300degC

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● Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F. 
● Digital timer and ramp to temperature function.
● Digital set-point and read-out of actual temperature.
● PID microprocessor controller provides 
 precise temperature regulation all over the temp. range,
 include the low temp close to the ambient.
● Temperature may be controlled either at the plate 
 surface by internal sensor, or at the sample by a 
 Thermocouple Immersion probe.
● Safety: in the event of broken sensor,power to the heater is 
● Temperature range :above ambient to 300°C 
 (optional 400°C).
● Chemical resistant top plate, easy to clean. 
● Excellent heat conduction distributes the heat evenly and 
 uniformity over the entire heating surface.
● Pilot lamp indicates when heat is on. 
● Special radiation shields keep apparatus relatively cool 
 during continuous operation. 
● Designed for continuous use, to handle fluids of varying 
 viscosities in up to 30Liter capacity.
● Available in 3 models to accommodate most laboratory 
 applications requiring mixing and temperature control.
● Gentle or vigorous stirring.

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