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Lasery > Laser 650 nm

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Light wavelength, nm650 (bright red line)
Dimensions, mmD12X40; D16X60; D22X85; D26X110
Output power, mW5, 10, 15, 18, 32
Divergence (Fan angle), deg90
Operation voltage (Direct Current),V      4,5
Operation temperature, deg Celsius-10 ... +50

Perfection of wood processing equipment caused increases in demand of line generating laser diode modules. Most of leading wood industry factories are already using similar line generating levels to manage the wood sawing process. Line generating laser diode module helps you not just to align long wood planks, logs or large slabs but also control this accurate alignment during whole sawing process. Because of special optical construction our line lasers generate thin bright red line along the surface. The length of the line depends on: 
  1. The angle between surface plane and the axis of laser diode module.
  2. The distance between laser diode and the surface where you project that line.
NOTE: the brightness of the line depends on the output power of laser diode module. We can provide special custom design mechanical holder for particular laser diode module according your applications. Afterwards you are able to install this device in your desirable place. DC power supply available upon request. 

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