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Epitaxial Gold Au(111) thin film grown on mica substrate

Au(111)Phasis provides gold Au(111) thin films on freshly cleaved mica substrates. The films are grown in controlled high vacuum deposition systems. The films present an extremely high degree of structural quality including surfaces with well defined terraces

Advantages of our products

  • Our substrates are ready to use, they are freshly grown just before being sent. 
  • There is no need for an additional hydrogen flame annealing procedure. 
  • Our substrates present large gold terraces. 
  • Different gold geometries are available to meet your requirements and to maximise the number of possible measurements. 
  • The gold source target is made of pure gold 99.99% and substrates are grown in a clean and dedicated environment.

Brak podobnych produktów.

Product ID #Product nameGlass substrate dimensionAu deposited region mm2 Gold thickness
20020011Au111 on mica1 square 20 x 20 mm2400.0200 nm Kup
20020013Au111 on mica4 squares 10 x 10 mm2400.0200 nm Kup
20020015Au111 on mica8 rectangles 8 x 4 mm2256.0200 nm Kup
20020016Au111 on mica4 stripes 4 x 22 mm2352200 nm Kup
20020020Au111 on mica16 squares 4 x 4 mm2256.0200 nm Kup
20020022Au111 on mica4 circles diameter 10 mm314.0200 nm Kup
20020023Au111 on mica16 circles diameter 4 mm201.0200 nm Kup

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